VIP Treatment with Dr. Fong, DC

The ultimate service to learn how to stop snoring instantly, is to have a personalized, one-on-one treatment by Dr. Fong. There is simply no one more qualified than the developer of Snore Terminator to personally treat you. You'll have his undivided attention to focus on your problem and the specifics of your case. Dr. Fong knows the precise cause of snoring and sleep apnea and knows how to stop them.

During an office visit, Dr. Fong will take a personal history of your condition. Through this history he'll be able to assess the seriousness of your problem, at what stage of development you are, as well as how your lifestyle has attributed to your snoring or sleep apnea. Then he can determine exactly what you need to change to stop aggravating your snoring or sleep apnea problem.

Dr. Fong will also conduct an examination to find out other hereditary risk factors that might be causing your snoring or sleep apnea. It is very important to find out of all your risk factors so that you can properly address them to mitigate their impact on your sleep. He can even specifically tailor the exercises to eliminate the effects of your risk factors.

Based on the history of your snoring or sleep apnea and through his examination, Dr. Fong explains in great depth to you the reason why you have snoring or sleep apnea. He'll also explain to you the health risks of your individual situation.

On the first visit, Dr. will personally trains you in how to perform the Snore Terminator simple exercises properly so that you can experience immediate results. As he watches you practice these new techniques, he can also tell you whether you are using the right muscles on each of the exercises and whether or not you are using enough energy to rebuild your muscles.

A personal check list with the exercises is given to you to remind exactly how to do the exercises when you get home.

Dr. Fong personally calls you the next morning, after your first night of using this treatment, to hear your report on your first night's peaceful sleep.

You will have 4 additional follow-up visits to ensure that you are doing the exercises properly and producing the results as expected.

Dr. Fong also trains you about how to reduce the exercises gradually only after you have properly rebuilt the airway muscles.

You can contact Dr. Fong directly with any questions at or Call 949 494-8820.


Dr. Walter Fong, DC